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Design Skills

Web Design 100%
Digital Design 100%
Print Design 100%
Motion Graphics 90%
Video/Photo 85%

My Freelance Graphic Designer story goes back to 1996 (view my LinkedIn Profile). I have provided clean, distinguished designs for clients such as Discover Card, General Electric, Bulgari, Northern Trust, Morgan Stanley, City of Chicago, as well as many small to medium size businesses. During my comprehensive career I have been effectively managing multiple projects to meet tight deadlines and budgets for clients.

The underlying philosophy to my work ethic is to listen to what challenges the client is encountering and then provide solutions to help improve their businesses marketing efforts. Saving client’s money, improving efficiency and helping them maintain brand consistency is something that comes naturally to me.

Developing long-lasting client relations is the hallmark of my career. I like to think of myself as an extension of your business, and someone you can turn to for something done quickly or to solve an issue you’re having. If this appeals to you, then you found the right person!

Let’s start working together.

Hiring Me for Freelance Graphic Designer Work

If your business is struggling with creating the right visuals for your digital or print marketing efforts, or you need help building your brand to be visually consistent, then please reach out to me. Let’s have a conversation about your business and goals to see if we can work together to drive results.

If your agency needs help keeping up with tight deadlines or additional workload, I can assist! I’m available to work on-site or remotely, and I’m ready to help your team on a short or long-term basis.

Satisfied Clients

Freelance Graphic Designer Client | Douglas Shaw & Associates
City of Chicago
Women's March LA
Freelance Graphic Designer Client | Lighthouse Printing

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